Horses and relatives:


Horses and relatives are from the hoofed-mammals category of mammals.

This topic is covering information of almost all breeds of horses, ponies and their relatives like mules, donkeys, onagers, zebras and many other species.

Scientific Classification:

  • Phylum: Chordata

  • Class: Mammalia

  • Order: Perissodactyla

  • Family: Equidae

  • Species: 7

An enduring symbol of grace and freedom, horses and their relatives (equids) are the ultimate odd-toed hoofed mammals – they have just a single toe on each foot. Equids – horses, asses (including the onager and the kiang), and zebras – have a long neck and head, and long, slender legs. They possess great stamina and can run at speed: the wild equid, the onager, can attain 70 kph (43 mph) for short periods. They are found in grasslands and deserts of Africa and Asia. Domestic horses and donkeys have been widely introduced across the world.

The page is also covering information about Anatomy, Feeding, Social groups of Horses and their relatives.

Each breed:

Each Breed of Horses and relatives is covered with the information of basic introduction with picture and picture gallery to identify the horse breed, keys facts (including height, weight, blood temperature, temperament, color and markings, reproduction and origin) and a detail description of each breed of horses and their relatives.

And also:

Our team is always updating the information on some of the hot topics like their anatomy, care and management, health and breeding, basic tack, riding and training, competitions and classifying the horses and their relatives.